Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting Older

So, it's New Years Eve and I have spent the entire freaking day working on cleaning the house.  And it still looks awful.  I reminded the hubsters that it has to get worse before it gets better.  Ugh, I just want to blink and it be done.  I am achy all over from scrub mopping our bathroom floor which probably hasn't been mopped in a year...GROSS.

We could've gone to my parents house, but I prefer not to be out and about on NYE.  Last year was really nice.  Can you guess what we were doing/where we were based on the picture?

We were on a cruise!  It was super fun, BUT we had to disembark the next morning, so we couldn't party too hardy.  Plus, we're old.  We're both struggling to stay up now.

Well, we're not old, but we act like we're old.  My family always jokes that they have to call me before 8 or I'll already be asleep.  I'm content staying home as opposed to going out.  These are the reasons I say that we're old.

Another thing that made me feel old?  One day at work, one of my kids was talking about how long they could hold their breath.  It, naturally, reminded me of the Friends episode where Joey has been holding his breath for 6 minutes (but has been breathing through his nose the whole time) & then freaks out when Chandler (I think?) plugs up his nose.  So I'm thinking out loud and I start to tell my kids about this show called Friends.  Well I about fell over when they all said "Oh yeah!"  I teach in a high poverty school and my kiddos are not the type that would just watch Friends, at least I didn't think.  You know what they told me?  It's on Nick at Night.  Did y'all know this?  Back in my day, the shows that were on Nick at Night were I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, & The Brady Bunch.  What the heck is Friends doing on there?  Well sure enough, I just watched it on Nick at Night.  Couldn't believe it.  Totally makes me feel old.

Okay, the ball is about to drop just dropped and then I'm hittin the 'hay.  After I read a little bit of course.  Speaking of which, have you seen The Best Endings?  It's a new blog all about reading and books.  I am in love!  Go check it out :)



Miss Squirrels said...

We are waiting for the ball to drop so we can have sparkling grape juice with the chittlins and then we are going to bed too!Staci

Going Nutty!

Chrissy & Nate said...

We did chores all day too! And I am pretty sure this is the first New Year's that I have stayed home since, oh about the 7th grade? Yay for being lazy :) Happy New Year, we still have about 30 minutes of 2011 left here in Texas!

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