Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Ugh, kill me now!  I told myself when I brought home all of this work that I should do it in the beginning of my break so I wouldn't be trying to finish my lesson plans, grading, and filling out paperwork today.  Did I do that?  Of course not!  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  I know there have to be others out there.
Okay, well lets be honest...I bring home lots of work all the time and never get to any half of it.  It just makes me feel productive to bring it home, even if it never leaves my car :)

So today, after seeing USC kick some butt in the Capital One Bowl, I have been working on redoing my long range plan all day.  Then I had to finish my lesson plans. 

I do have to say we have been very productive in cleaning out our house.  Seriously, how did we accumulate so much crap?  Well, I know.  I'm a hoarder.  Not like the people on that show, but I keep boxes that things come in, just in case they don't work and I have to take it back and receipts from 2009!  What?!  I also kept everything from when I taught 5th grade.  Why do I need 20 copies of a test on Forces & Motion?  How bout just keep one and if I end up teaching 5th grade again, I'm pretty sure they'll still have copiers then :)

We have a large Goodwill pile, including a whole other pile upstairs and an even larger trash pile.  I-yi-yi.  I'm embarrassed to put all of the boxes and old school things at the road! 

I'll leave you with this beauty.  I ♥ Alshon Jeffrey, even if he did get ejected from the game!

I'm off to be productive...or at least attempt to be :)  If you had to go back today, I hope it was a good one.  Tomorrow is going to be rough for me!



Chrissy & Nate said...

We go back tomorrow... GROAN. I'm pretty sure I'm ready, but probably not. Eh. That's how I feel. Ha! Good luck tomorrow, I'll need it too (we are starting no naps... yikes)!

Haley said...

Good luck tomorrow! I go back tomorrow as well having done absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G except for what I did before break started. So don't feel bad, I'm right there with you!


Miss Squirrels said...

The Mr always complains 'Whyda bring all that stuff home if you're just gonna pack it up and take it back in 12 hours?"
My answer is "because I feel like a slacker if I walk out of there empty handed!!!!"

Going Nutty!

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Don't feel bad. I do the same thing. I basically give stuff from school a ride in my car "Wheee!" and then I give it a ride back. I intended to do LOTS of stuff, but as you can probably tell by this blog post:

Buzzing with Ms. B I haven't done much.

Kristin said...

Chrissy's comment cracked me up - I give it a ride in my car "Whee!"
Me too.
And then your prediction that they may still have copiers in the future cracked me up, too. :)
Good luck tomorrow!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. I can so relate. I gave most of it up. Now I carry and almost empty bag back and forth, so I just LOOK like I might be productive.

Allyce said...

I went back on Monday. At least you thought about planning before you went back. I brought everything home with me over break (I even took it with me to all of my destinations) and didn't do a single thing. It never even came out of my school bag. And on Monday I winged it. Day went great though! Did some heavy duty lesson planning that night instead. Hope you have a great rest of the week from one procrastinator to another!

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