Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Extensions and Gains

So, how would you like to have 2 hours added to your school day?

What?  You wouldn't?  You mean, you wouldn't want school from 7:30-4:30?  Well why not?

Okay, how about let's add 20 days to your school year.

Not that either?  You don't want to work an extra month?

Well folks, believe it or not, that's what's {possibly} on the table for me.  No decisions have been made, but they're considering that for a group of schools in my district.  Not the whole district, but some of the under performing schools.

Initially, they wanted to add two hours to the school day AND add 20 days to the school year.  Kill me now...

Luckily, it looks like they won't be adding 2 hours to our day.  I mean, when would we have faculty meetings, go to grad classes, and other PD meetings (like one I have once a month from 3:30-5:30).

We had a meeting today after school and it looks like they'll be adding 20 days to our school year next year.  It's definitely better than 2 hours to each day, but I don't feel like my summer break will be long enough.  Usually, by the time school starts back, I'm ready to go back.  I'm not sure I'll be ready after a month off.

I'll be sure to keep you posted.

On a positive note, we had our Math MAP test today.  Do y'all take the MAP test?  My kids did really good!  I'm so proud of them.  Some of my kiddos went up in the double digits (17 & 25 points!).  They all had a goal of going up at least 6 or 7 points and I was super proud of them.  I am nervous/excited/anxious for tomorrow's Reading MAP test.  There's so much pressure (on us) for the kids to do well.  We're kinda judged on it (not formally), but there is definite pressure.  Do y'all take any tests that have pressure, aside from state tests? 

In other news, I was shocked when I came out to my car this afternoon.  Can you figure out why?

What on earth?!  Why do I have pollen on my car in January?!  Granted, it's been unusually warm (70s), but still!  I couldn't believe it.  I even made the hubby come out and see my car as soon as I got home. 

Also, I was super excited this morning when I got a comment from Haley over at Following Optimism

She gave me an award, and not just any award, but a favorite follower award! 

Looking at Haley's blog, I'm super honored she chose me because I don't feel like I've read/commented any of her recent posts!  I've been slightly slacking in the blog stalking department lately.  Anywhos...I totally feel like we could be BFFs IRL.  Her blog makes me laugh and she posts lots of freebies (my favorite!). 

I am supposed to pick 2 followers to award this to, which is tough!  I love all of my followers! 

Crisscross Applesauce

Holly is SO sweet!  Plus, she has so many freebies!  I just love her blog.    Also, you must check out her A Day in my Shoes post.  I am totally with her on the hair determining my morning (although I don't wash  mine in the kitchen sink ;)  Is it considered cheating if she's already received it?  I hope not...

Everyday with the Jays

Chrissy is SO nice!  She always leaves the nicest comments and I love checking out her blog!  I keep meaning to participate in her A Photo a Day, but I always seem to forget!  I think we could totally be BFFs IRL since we both do not like vegetables.  Hers is a texture thing, mine is just me being picky :)  Head over and check out her blog!

Okay, I am going to try to stay up for Modern Family.  It's not lookin' good.  I am tired and have a full day tomorrow:  work, meeting (3:30-5:30) & HOA meeting at 6. 
Happy Thursday!




The Bubblegum Tree said...

I agree with you on the pollen - crazy! It's been unusually warm here and I do like for January to feel like January! There's supposed to be snow falling not pollen! As for 2 hours a day or 20 days a year - UGH - it's no fun to choose between those options : ( let's move on to more exciting new...yay for the blog award!

Chrissy + Nate said...

Girl, you are so sweet! Thank you, thank you for that award! Isn't fun having blogging BFFs? Ha! Yay for another friend who doesn't like vegetables! And UGH on the 20 days added, I just told my husband that and he totally groaned too! Good luck!

Ms. D said...

Congrats to you and your kiddos for their performance on the MAP test! That's great! I teach middle school and I don't think my kids did very well because I was told by the proctor that they rushed through the whole thing. But that is so great for your kids! I am sorry to hear about the 20 days added---grrr!

Katie said...

20 extra days is rough! And would be a longer school day too. And we just finished our MAP testing this week - yeah for your kids doing so well!

Haley said...

Girl, 20 days? Seriously? That completely sucks. Sorry and hope that doesn't happen for you! And BTW, I super heart Modern Family. It's the best stress reliever and gets me through the midweek! I DVRed it tonight, so haven't seen it yet.

Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

Holly said...

You are a sweetie pie!!!!!! Mmmmmmwaaaaahhhh!

You have a new look, no? Love!!!!

20 days are your serious? You can't be. How many days total would that be?????

Hugs to you!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Amber Polk said...

20 days??? I hope they are will at least pay you more.

Our state took away 5 workdays and added them as instructional days. We definitely don't get paid more though. I thought that was bad, now I have no right to complain!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Allyce said...

I don't know what I would do if they added 2 hours to my day! It's already 2 hours too long for my kiddos as it is! I think I might actually lose my mind. I tagged you!

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