Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slow Internet & A Few Questions

My internet is super slow tonight.  It either times out on pages, won't let me click on things, or makes things show up funky.  It has really put a damper on my blog stalking. 

Do you have an external hard drive?  I don't think we have too many things on our computer but I just can't figure out why it is so dang slow.  Maybe we need to reboot the router.  I'm sure you're enthralled with reading about my slow internet, but I had big plans for tonight's post.  Okay, maybe not big plans, but I had plans. 

For example, Laura from Kinder Kraziness awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  I'm pretty sure I'm a bad award recipient.  I've noticed lots of blogs that have received awards and they have them all on the sidebar so nice and neat and it's obvious they've gotten the award.  Well, I've actually received this award before, but it was back in like September.  However, when I received it, I'm not sure if I ever actually told those 15 people I nominated them.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet I didn't.  I would link to the post, but again, the slow internet prohibits me from doing so.

Here are some questions I have:
1.  See above-do you have an external hard drive?  I have a USB flash drive, but am curious about these hard drives...are they good, would you recommend, etc.
2.  Blog design-I put a butt load of work into designing my button (which I'm not even sure if it works) and my header, but I'm wondering if I should totally redesign it all.  I would ideally like to figure out how to do something on my own, but that takes a lot of time.  I know some of you have paid to have someone do yours-were you pleased?  Did you think the price was worth it?  I'm also 99.99% sure if I tried to do it myself, it would totally look like I did it myself.  Yeah, you know what I mean.
3.  Do you already feel like Winter Break never happened?  I totally almost fell asleep on my way home from work today.  Which is really sad because a had a Cherry Coke Zero at our faculty meeting after school.  The hot topic today: we strictly enforce?  What about kids that don't have them, etc.  I have to admit, as I sat there nodding my head, I felt a teeny tiny bit like Kristin (pun totally intended).  Again, I'd link to her post about this, but I refuse to wait 10 minutes for the page to load. 
Speaking of Kristin, I was super excited to see we have the same taste in books.  I totally feel like we could be BFFs IRL if she didn't live on the other side of the country.  I know she does since I totally read up on the beach meet up her, Hadar, and some other fabulous ladies had.  And she took a day trip to Malibu. 

So I suppose those are all of my questions.  I can't believe I've been on the computer since I got home and haven't done one thing for work.  I spent a good 30 minutes photoshopping a goofy family picture to send to my MIL...ahh, the time I can waste :)  We're almost to the weekend!

P.S.  I REALLY hope that is the correct link to Hadar's blog.  If not, I'm slightly embarrassed, but I blame it on the wouldn't open it up for me!

P.P.S.  Do y'all use the spell checker on blogger?  It drives me batty.  Why does internet need to be capitalized?  And I had some spelled correctly and I guess it just chose to ignore the last letter.  Okay, just wondering if anyone else noticed these idiosyncrasies. 


Laura Starnes said...

1. I use the Western Digital My Book Essentials External HD. My computer crashed a little over a year ago and I lost ALOT! Never again! You can look it up online at Walmart or Target.
2. First off, I really like your blog design and your header. Makes it more personal. I won a discount on mine from Posh Box and love it. So, yes it was worth the price. She is pretty reasonable to begin with though.
3. What is Winter Break? I've only been back 2 days and each afternoon, I come home and take a nap.
Sorry for the internet issues tonight!

Kinder Kraziness

Allyce said...

I have an external hard drive. I definitely suggest one...My computers hard drive crashed TWICE and I list everything both times. It makes me feel better knowing that at least I won't lose everything again.And I can use it to take work from school to home without having to haul both laptops around all the time. So I say TOTALLY worth it.

Haley said...

Well since the external hard drive questions have been answered (I don't have one and probably should after reading what the previous ladies posted!!) I'll talk about your blog design. I did my headers and blog button right from Picnik. In paint, I created the background and loaded it to Picnik and played around with their graphics, fonts, and colors until I came up with something I liked. It was pretty easy to do! Not to mention F-R-E-E!!! I think your blog is cute and I love your dog! I have a white and black Shih-tzu named Lucy. So much company!!


Jannette Britt said...

“My internet is super slow tonight. It either times out on pages, won't let me click on things, or makes things show up funky.” - I can relate. These are the times that I would seriously want smash the screen of my computer out of frustration! Are you familiar with basic troubleshooting though? That usually works for me, but when it doesn't, of course I would call my internet service provider right away. Jannette @

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