Monday, January 16, 2012

The "B" Word {and a geometry freebie}

There's been lots of talk in the W household lately about the B word. 

No, not the bad word...although that definitely escapes my lips on occasion from time to time frequently.

Nope, not babies either, although we have been talking about that.  I think I'm a little more eager to talk about them than the hubster :)

The B word I'm talking about friends is the one we ladies don't like to hear...


Yep.  The hubsters is on a money/investing kick and wants to discuss a budget.  Well, he said not really a budget per se, but more of a "let's pay ourselves first (by saving) and then we can spend the rest how we'd like."

So, our goal is to save at least 12% (although he wants 15%) a month, including our retirement savings.  Currently, I'm saving about 8-9% in retirement.  I do need to make sure I send some money over to my Ally Savings Account each month.  I normally only do it if I have extra money left over.  Also, I think since we're so young (25) we're going to put more of our money into stocks than just sitting in a savings account. 

Plus, I think we're going to start putting some money aside specifically for our kids' college fund.  Yeah, no kiddos, but we want to be ready.  The hubster was really lucky in that his parents saved enough to cover all of his college.  My parents had pretty much none saved so I have student loan debt.  Thank the lord I was a smarty pants and got loads of scholarships, otherwise I'd be in some real big debt!  We'd like to be able to pay for our kids college so they won't be in debt (like me).  Luckily, I've been in school the past year so I haven't had to pay anything and I should be able to cut $5,000 off for teaching in a Title I, or high needs school (I believe you have to teach 5 years in a school like this...I'm on my 4th year of teaching).
He's on a big kick because of a book he read that we got from Goodwill. 

Sidenote:  I ♥ Goodwill!  I got lots of books for me and my classroom.  Check it out!

(The Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul is for my friend)

All of these books plus 2 for the hubby for only $7.99 (we had a 10% off coupon since we donated to them)

So, that's what's going on with us.  I remind him that we probably have a lot more saved up than most people our age and that (contrary to what he thinks), I am quite frugal.  I mean, I LOVE these places:
  1. The dollar bins at Target (seriously took so much willpower to not buy anything when I swung in there on Sunday for a B-Day card).
  2. The Dollar Store
  3. Goodwill
  4. Ross (even though I do NOT like that they limit you to 8 items in the fitting room.  I mean really, who takes in less than 8 items?  My size fluctuates from brand to brand so I normally have at least 2 of each item in different sizes.  I hate having to get dressed in my clothes and come back out and trade...ugh!)
  5. Gap Outlet (Their sale in the summer is awesome!  I spent an average of $4 this past summer for all of the things I bought!)
  6. Plus, pretty much everything I ever buy is on sale
I have really enjoyed reading what everyone's days are like.  Isn't it amazing how everything, like start times and duties required, varies from place to place? 

So, in math, we've been talking about Geometry.  Lines, rays, points, intersecting, parallel, triangles, etc.  Tomorrow, we're going to make some anchor charts (which will be nowhere near as cute as all of you peeps out there) to help us remember these and then we're going to review using our dry erase boards.  Do you use dry erase boards in your room?  My kids L-O-V-E them, but I do not love dealing with dried out markers, "he has my marker," etc.  However, they know I am all out of care and if there's a problem, they'll just have to use paper. 

Before I left Friday, I was looking around for a good review sheet for my kiddos to do for homework.  Well I'll be darned, but I couldn't find anything!  So, I made this little baby up.  Feel free to grab it!


Yeah, see #20?  I was kinda running out of ideas!  I usually put 'D. None of the above' as an answer choice, so I just had to say 'Not a line.'  Let me know what you think and if you grab it.

I have been watching Wife Swap all freakin day and I love it!  There has been a marathon on all day and I'm loving seeing some episodes I've never seen before.  The announcer just cracked me up.  There's a squeaky clean family and he said in order to not cuss, a boy in the family replaces bad words with vegetables so the announcer said "What the squash?!"  Ohmiword, LOVE it!  What have you done today?

I can't believe some of you had to work today...that's insane!  Hope you have a great day tomorrow...we've already made it to Tuesday!


Erika said...

My husband is a banker and the B word is his favorite. I, personally, hate the word!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Kristin said...

Save now! And my parents did not save for my college either, so I feel your pain with the student loans. :(
I had other things I wanted to say and then your last comment cracked me up about the announcer on Wife Swap. My friend says "Shitake Mushrooms!!!!" and my other friend says "Beans and Rice!!!!" all the time. I'll have to start saying "What the Squash?!" Ha ha!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Ginger Snaps said...

Very cute! Love the freebie!

Ginger Snaps

Kate said...

I LOVE the geometry worksheet! I will be starting geometry in a month or so and I will definitely be using it! Thanks!
To The Square Inch

Vanessa said...

I really want to be able to put money aside for my daughters college education but I just don't have it right now. Hopefully in the future it will get better. Also, I am in my 7th year at a TITLE 1 School so what is this about $5,000 off your loan? Could you share the info? You can email me if you prefer. Thanks!

Vanessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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