Friday, January 13, 2012

Call Me a Clutter Buster

I'm hooking up with Jodi over at the Clutter Free Classroom again.  This week, we need a plan for how we're going to declutter.  I really like Ms. M's rules.  If you haven't seen them, check them out!

Here is my plan:
1.  Organize my flash drive.  I kind of started this, but it needs to be arranged.  Here's what I'm currently working with (probably hard to see)

2.  Move or make most files in filing cabinet electronic.  I would really like to use binders to organize units, but I just think it will be easier for me to do it electronically.

3.  If I keep a paper copy, only keep 1.  I'm real good at keeping extra copies of things for next year.  The only problem?  Next year, I don't think to look and see if I've already got it. 

4.  Anything that is recyclable, gets recycled.  Anything I think someone else might like, goes in our workroom.  We have lots of student teachers in our building this semester so hopefully they'll get some goods.  I gave away lots today!

5.  Take care of papers as I get them!  I am so good at piling, but I need to take care of them ASAP. 

Those are my rules, give or take.  However, I am proud to show you all of the work and progress I made in my room the past two days!  Thursday was a PD day (only half day) and today was a workday.  I LIVE for these days!  I get so much done!  Check it out :)

I am exhausted!  But, I feel so much better.  Plus, it's a 3 day weekend...whoop whoop!

I hope you head over to the Clutter Free Classroom and link up!


Haley said...

Looking good!! You've been very busy. We were out today and will be Monday, wish I could get into my classroom to get started organizing. I need to get moving on mine!


4321teach said...

Wow! We have a couple of the same goals. I agree not keeping the extra copies of an activity is going to be a tough thing. I like you forget to look for them the next year. It must feel great to have gotten started!


Erika said...

You've made some great progress. You go girl!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Beth Ann said...

It looks fantastic! Nice job. You are inspiring me : )
❁Beth Ann❁
Taming My Flock of Firsties

Vanessa said...

Bonnie, it looks great!! Awesome job!! You are definitely making progress. Sadly, I haven't made any in mine. I wish our PD days allowed us time in our classrooms!! Maybe one day...

Jess said...

Wow! You have much such an improvement already to your room! I'm proud but it also gives me motivation! I will be doing this on my teacher workday this Friday! Thanks for showing your before and after pictures!
Rambling About Reading

Ms. Martin and Friends said...

Girl, you have been working! Looks great! Very inspiring!

meghan said...

I would kill for a work day in my classroom! So jealous of your progress!!

Third Grade in the First State

Ginger Snaps said...

I am obsessed with having my computer files organized. EVERYTHING has a folder! lol

Ginger Snaps

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