Thursday, July 28, 2011

Setting Up The Room Day 2

Today I spent about 5 hours working in my room.  Sadly, I think it looks worse than yesterday!  I took some pictures of the progress to show you!

My bookcase is somewhat starting to fill in.  This will house all of my professional literature, curriculum guides, etc. 

My desk!  I am so pleased with these bins from Target!  I LOVE them!

This shelf will house my Math manipulatives.  It is slowly starting to fill in.

I have a great, metal storage cabinet.  Right now I am placing them by subject on the shelves.  Once I have an idea of how much I have, I will start organizing them a little better.  Like I said, I am arranging it based on subject:
  • Top Shelf: Science
  • Next Shelf: Math
  • Next Shelf: S.S.
  • Next Shelf:  Reading
  • Bottom:  Generic items that can cross over subjects (measuring tools, balances, etc.)

I have arranged my colored printer paper like this since I began teaching.  I LOVE it!  I've seen some other people out there in blog land organizing their paper this way as well.  The sides have three little mesh pockets that perfectly hold my ink refills for my printer! :)

The start of placing items in the cabinet...

This next picture shows my saving grace.  I love it and really probably could not teach without it!

I bought this clipboard at Staples.  I really hated to spend so much money (it was between $10-15), but I know how clumsy I am and I knew the flimsy little ones at Wal-Mart would not cut it.  The clipboard opens up and has storage inside.  This is what I keep on the inside:
  • Flashcards: My kids love to practice facts at lunch when they're done eating.  They like to try to beat me, but usually can't!  It's also good to have for when we're waiting in a long line to get in the cafeteria!
  • Nurse Kit: Passes for the nurse, bandaids, gloves, alcohol swabs, etc.  A MUST have!
  • Referral forms: Luckily, I didn't need these too often this past school year, but I've learned the hard way, you should definitely always have them on hand!
  • Class Compliments:  This is something our school does.  When you see a class doing a great job, you give them a compliment form.  What the class does with them varies by class.  When my class earned 15 we would have a little party.
  • Pencils & Pens
On the front of the clipboard is my behavior sheet for the week.  I just love this clipboard and it was well worth the money because I have dropped it so many times and I think it still looks great!

So that's what I've done today.  I've really tried to take my time and unpack box by box and really organize everything.  The school is not open tomorrow so I won't be able to go in, but I'll be busy making some labels for my room! 


Tara said...

Looks like you got tons done:) Looking good!!! Love your clipboard idea with all the goodies inside:)

4th Grade Frolics

Mel D said...

Thanks for posting my button to your blog! When do you start school? I can't even get in my building until next week :o(
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

bnwalton said...

Thanks Tara!

Mel, the teachers officially go back on the 10th. I have a training on the 8th so my goal is to be finished next week. We'll see about that! When do y'all start?

Miss Megan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, looks like you have an amazing view from your desk!!


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