Saturday, July 9, 2011

New to the game...

So I have been stalking following blogs for quite some time.  It finally occured to me that maybe I should start one.  Not that I feel I have a lot to share, but because I think it will be good to document our lives.  I see this being especially helpful when we have kids...and no, I am definitely not pregnant, much to my mother's dismay. 

I guess I should start with some information about myself.  I am about to begin my fourth year of teaching and am currently in graduate school to get my Masters in Literacy Education.  I have a wonderful husband and quite possibly the best dog in the world:

Don't let this picture fool you...we live in the south and this is most definitely photo worthy because it seems to never snow here (although two years in a row = pure awesomeness).  Seriously though, cute dog huh?!  Unfortunately if you follow me on here regularly you may be subjected to obsessive Gizmo pictures.

I am excited to share my crafting projects, teaching ideas, recipes, and just about anything on here.

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