Friday, July 15, 2011

My Teacher Always Says...

I really should be in bed right now.  I need to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow as I'm going with my mom and sister to Charlotte to go to Carowinds and Ikea.  Yes, Ikea.  I am SO freaking excited I can't stand it.  I've never been before!  I am absolutely dreading leaving my computer because all I can think about are all of the wonderful blog posts and linky parties I'll be missing :(  Just more to catch up on Sunday I suppose!

ANYWAYS, Mrs. Bainbridge's Class is hosting her first linky party called My Teacher Always Says.  It's really hard for me to think of all of my sayings, so I'm sure I'm forgetting a TON!  Here goes...

1.  Okay.  Seriously...I had to tape myself teaching for a class I was taking and I couldn't believe the number of times I said okay in this 10 minute lesson!  I try not to say it that often, but I just can't!

2.  "Do not suck your teeth at me unless you need floss."  They always get a giggle out of this :)

3.  "Does Mrs. Walton do __________ to you? (No m'am)  Okay then, please don't do that to me."  You name it, rolling eyes, sucking teeth, saying 'huh', talking back, etc.

4.  "Is this an emergency because it's going to cost your group points?"  We had a major bathroom issue so I started to keep tallies of when they went to the bathroom based on groups.  At the end of the day, the group with the fewest tallies got 5 points towards their group.  The group at the end of the week with the most points gets to go to the prize box.  They get points for other things too like listening, etc.  The tallies for the bathroom really cut down on wanting to get out of class and I knew if they asked to go it was an emergency.

5.  "Hug or high-five?"  All students had to either hug or high-five me at the end of the day when they left, whether their day was awesome or not so great.  I also greet every student with a cheerful "Good Morning!" when school starts.

6.  "I love the way that ___________ is doing ________.  Thank you so much for following the expectations!"  I say this a lot!

I'm sure there are more, but these are all I can think of now.  Head on over to Mrs. Bainbridge's Class and join in the fun! :)


Ashley said...

Cute blog!! I am a new follower of yours!

You are going to love Ikea! I live in Charlotte and I absolutely love going there!! :) Cant wait to see what you find!

bnwalton said...

Ashley, I love your blog as well. I am a new follower of yours too! :)

I'm pretty excited about Ikea. I guess that's a sign that I'm truly an adult when I'm more excited about Ikea than Carowinds! I'll be sure to post what I buy (although my husband really hopes I'll come home empty handed ;) Thanks for visiting!

Cindy Hutter and Tanya Wildman said...

Your blog is so cute!! Thanks for becoming a follower of The Kindergarten Corral! I loved your post about "My Teacher Always Say.." I need to do the hug or high five thing each day.

Christina Bainbridge said...

Thanks for joining my linky party!

I like "hug or high-five"!


bnwalton said...

Thanks ladies, y'all are so sweet! :)

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