Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Survived Linky Party

When I saw what this Linky party was on, I knew I had to join!  Here are some of my war funny stories.  Like Karla said on her story, they definitely were not funny at the time, but I can look back now and laugh.  Here are just a few (I really think we could write some funny books!)

  1. I was teaching at a Title 1 school with some severe behavior issues.  I started out with 25 fifth graders which was a normal class size for non-title one schools with students who didn't have such behavior issues.  I had 25 until mid-year.  I survived it!
  2. I had a student accuse me of doing the devils work. 
  3. The same student swung a yard stick at me when he didn't get his mp3 player back.
  4. I had a special friend who would switch back and forth between different personalities.  He also enjoyed running from adults and hiding under desks.  When I would try to document with my camera he would jump back in his seat and say "Haha, you couldn't catch me!"
There are so many more I could include.  Even though some days are crazy, I love my students and my job!

Head on over to Life in Special Education to join in the fun!


Karla said...

Thanks for joining my linky party! No two days are ever the same!!

Tracey said...

I'm your newest follower!

シ Tracey
Our Cool School

bnwalton said...

Thanks Tracey! I love your blog as well and am a new follower!

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