Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 10 Pins of the Year

Oh Pinterest. 

Are you as addicted as I am?  I could spend hours on there I tell ya.

I am hooking up with Rachel from Views from Room 205 for her Top 10 Pins Linky.
Here are 10 of my favorite pins (although it will be hard to narrow down 1,515 pins to only 10...yikes!).  I tried to limit it to things I've made/done so that drastically narrows down the selection :)

This peanut butter "cheese" ball is SO good.  I make it for Carolina Games and it is delicious!  We like to dip animal crackers or teddy grahams in it!  It's good enough to eat all on its own though.

This teriyaki chicken is to die for!  Our grocery stores around here didn't have mirin (or I couldn't find it at least) so I ordered it from Amazon.  Trust worth it.  We add in mushrooms and sesame seeds and serve it over brown rice...amazing!

I bought a cheap holder and did this to my 31 tote!  Very helpful, although it does make it a little bulkier.

These fries are SO good!  No ketchup required (and that's saying something coming from me!)

I've done this project several times with my kids this year and they love it!  Several other teachers at my school have done it as well.

I made my own version of this wreath!  I think it turned out really cute!

We've made all of these cleaners and love them.  They smell so good too :)


I used this as an inspiration for my current clip chart.

This would totally be our copiers at work!  We have 2 in our workroom, and I think they have only both been simultaneously working for a total of about 3 weeks out of the year.  Yeahhh...

I can't wait to see everyone else's top pins, so head on over and link up!

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Markeeta said...

I about jumped out of my seat when I saw this post. The teacher bag you have pinned is mine! I didn't even know it had been pinned! How exciting! Thanks for pinning it!


Jessica Stanford said...


Jessica Stanford
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Miss Nelson said...

That dip looks amazing. Great pins. I especially love the window quote. It's sooo true.

Rachel Lamb said...

ha! funny pins! Bob Marley! thanks for linking up!

Classy Confessions said...

I am so excited about this linky party! I am so obsessed with pinterest! And I am now following you on pinterest!


The Hands-On Teacher said...

LOL! I'm gonna have to make a "Bob Marley" poster for our staff lounge copiers!

THanks for sharing!

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