Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nothingness & Randomness

Hello everyone!  I SO hope you are enjoying your much needed and deserved break from work.  If any of you have to work tomorrow, just know it's only one more day!  You might would think I've been at work all week, what with my lack of posts and the crazy words I made up in the title, but I have been cool, calm, and collected all week.

I have certainly enjoyed my time off.  Y'all, I have been sleeping 10-11 hours a night!  It has been wonderful.  Additionally, I have been wasting time playing perusing the internet nonstop when I'm awake.  I about had a straight up panic attack earlier when Pinterest was messing up.  I pinned an idea a few weeks ago to help my freak hair. 

I'll be darned  if I couldn't find it anywhere!  Then, the little search box was gone!  So I went to my sister's page because she repinned it and it wasn't there either!  All seems to be fixed now.  No need to freak.  I was about 5 seconds away from asking on Facebook if anyone else was having trouble, but figured that might be slightly freakish obsessive overreacting. 
I so wish my hair could look like that, but I don't know about the no shampoo and stuff.  It says curly hair doesn't like sulfates, but my Costco Shampoo is sulfate free!  Do you have a Costco membership?  I LOVE Costco!  I am a straight up sucker for their books and clothes.

What have y'all done on  your time off?  I have done pretty much nothing.  Some last minute shopping here and there (ugh, don't even GET me started on the long lines at Wal-Mart...why do I always get behind the people who it seems is their first time out in society and they don't know how that new-fangled credit card machine works?!). 

My husband has been so sweet.  Our house has been a wreck, but have I done anything about that?  NOPE!  It's SO hard when I know I have so much time ahead of me.  Plus, he's off most of next week, so I need to enjoy the computer and TV before he commandeers them both.  My solution 2 days ago after I met a friend for lunch was to get out all of the Christmas wrapping stuff so that would take away from the fact that I'd done nothing else in the house.  It seemed to work ;)  Today though, I got my booty in gear and cleaned up the living room and scrubbed our stove top & microwave (yuk!).

Wow, rereading what I've written makes me look like I have such ADD.  I really don't.  Only when I'm at work do I feel like I have it.  Anywhos I'm going to blog stalk some more and watch I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant...this show straight up freaks me out!  Have y'all ever seen it?!  Craziness!

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Kristin said...

I completely understand not doing anything around the house because you know you have so much time. :) Enjoy your time!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Dee said...

Hi Bonnie,

Hey, it sounds like you are using vacation in the way you need to....resting and relaxing. We need that! I have my last day today complete with Polar Express in the AM (I'm dressed like a conductor), and party at the end of the day. It will be fun. And now, it's SNOWING! I feel like one of the characters in White Christmas, when they open the big barn doors to view the snow. Here it is, just in time for the big day. We have to love that!

Happy Holidays, and enjoy your much earned break. I will too, soon!
First Impressions

Stacy said...

Ok..someone else who watches that! ...seriously??? HOW do you NOT know?? Sometimes I get it but others I am surprised at the power of denial...hey, maybe if we are denial about having to go back to work in a week or so??? anyways....I know a girl with a so called "real life" I didnt know story, she really didn't look that pregnant but she wore a sweatshirt ALL summer?? Sketch? YES! but sure enough she thought she was having crazy cramps, went in, and BOOM...a full grown baby comes out.
WEIRD! :) Merry Christmas!

2nd Grade Paradise

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