Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap, New Years Resolutions, & 11 in 11

How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful.  The hubsters and I each went with each other to pick out our gifts, so there were really no surprises.  UNTIL, I went to Palmetto Moon.  I absolutely L-O-V-E this store.  I went in there to pick up a t-shirt for his brother who was having surgery on his head Friday and the nice worker mentioned all Clemson (yuck) and Carolina jackets were buy one get one FREE!  So, I had to pick up one for the hubsters and me.  He was so surprised!  The other things I got him were more work shirts, ties, and a new pair of shoes for only $23 from JCP.

He was super sweet this year and got me a sapphire ring and a necklace like this:
10.0mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Pendant in Sterling Silver - Zales

I sat down after we opened gifts and got on the computer and then I remembered about my Holly Bloggy Christmas gift!  I can't believe I forgot since I was SUPER tempted to peek ever since I got it!  I was totally that kid that peeked at my Christmas gifts once I realized mom and dad had them all along.  Check out what I got from Meg (if you have a blog please let me know so I can follow you! )

I can't wait to put them in my classroom when I get back!  So creative and cute!  I LOVE it! :)

I enjoyed going to our parent's houses and visiting with everyone.  One of the highlights of the day, however, was finding my pen bag from high school & college.  I've been wondering where this was for quite some time and I found it at my mom's house!  I was literally jumping up and down squealing with delight.  People may have wandered back to where I was to find out what the commotion was about. 

You see those 4 that are off by themselves?  Those are the only ones that don't work.  I'm hoping I can perform surgery turn them upside down so they'll start working.  Seriously, made my day finding these.  I also found my recorder from elementary school and serenaded my family with several renditions of Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

Then, I decided to take my mad skills to my parents' piano.  Now, keep in mind, I never actually took any sort of music lessons, aside from my recorder lessons in 4th grade.  I found a Christmas Music Book and had my family play "Name That Tune!"  How did I do this since I don't know the first thing about reading music, let alone transferring that to the piano?  Well, someone wrote down the letter names for the notes and my sister put stickers on my parents piano YEARS ago so all I had to do was see the letter F and find the letter F on the piano.  I know you're pretty jealous of that awesomeness.  I couldn't stump them during "Name That Tune!"  I'm thinking I'll try it again at Easter when they haven't been inundated with Christmas songs in a while :)
Needless to say, I'm pretty sure they were all glad when we left as I can be quite endearing annoying.

I of course went out shopping yesterday for 50% off all Christmas.  I got lots of goodies!  You can't beat 50% off, or 75% off (at Belk!). 
Now, let's move on to New Years Resolutions.  I'm usually not a resolution type of gal, but maybe typing it out for all to see will make me somewhat more accountable.  I'm linking up with Tammy at Live, Laugh, Love.  You totally should too :)  Here goes...

1.  Be more organized.  I tend to just drop things off on the kitchen table as I walk in the door and we never see our kitchen table as a result.  It's buried beneath all my junk I'm too lazy to put somewhere else.
2.  Continue with My Fitness Pal.  I found out about MFP from Diana at Life of a 20-Something Wife back in the summer.  I lost about 10 pounds, but since school has started I haven't really logged my food and exercise like I should.  I haven't really gained anything back, but I'm at a standstill.  I need to keep it going.
3.  Stop impulse buying.  I've actually really improved on this lately as I'll make myself wait and if I still want it a few weeks later, then I know it's something that I'll need or definitely want.
4.  Clean more regularly.  When the hubsters and I first moved in 2 1/2 years ago, I was so consistent in my cleaning.  The bathrooms got cleaned every week, our bedroom was cleaned (vacuumed & dusted) every other week, etc.  I'v gotten slack, mainly due to teaching and grad classes.  Well, and let's be honest, my laziness :)

1.  Be more organized (are you seeing a trend here?!).  I tend to stack stuff and just throw papers off my table to be hidden (AHH!).  January 13 is a workday so that's what I plan to do.  Okay, total side note...I always have such big hopes and dreams for teacher workdays and I feel like I never even scratch the surface of what I need to do...am I the only one that this happens to?  Please tell me I'm not alone!
2.  Read a book about teaching.  I'm thinking of this one.
3.  TRY not to get stressed out about data, the state tests, MAP testing, etc.  Won't happen, but it's nice to dream!

1.  Blog on a more consistent basis.  I'm going to low ball it and say once a week, but hopefully more than that.  It's just hard with teaching and grad classes.
2.  Share more things that I make/that are going on in my classroom. 

Those are my resolutions, what are yours? 

Edited to add 11 in 11.  I know you're not supposed to post twice in a day, so I'm taking a page right out of Kristin (Teeny Tiny herself) and updating this post so I can participate in the 11 in 11.  Speaking of Kristin, that's who's linky this is!  Well, her and Hadar!


Here we go!
11.  Favorite movie you watched.
I loved the Help, but I also watched the all of the Steig Larson movies (in Swedish).  I'm sorry, I can't just choose one!


10.  Favorite TV Series
I have actually been so consumed with teaching and grad school that I have missed some of my favorite shows this season (Modern Family, The Middle, & DH).  I have become addicted to these though:
9.  Favorite Restaurant Los Reyes.  It is a Mexican Restaurant near us and I LOVE it.  I get the same thing every time we go, but the chips and salsa...I could live off of!

8.  Favorite New Thing You Tried
Hmm...I'm not very adventurous...I don't "try" a lot of new things.  I guess it would have to be blogging (I promise I'm not copying Kristen's answer...they just happen to be the same!).

7.  Favorite Gift You Received
My necklace and ring from the hubby for Christmas!  I love them and this chicka doesn't get jewelry often :)

6.  Favorite Thing You Pinned
Umm, I pin everything!  I'd have to say it'd be one of these...they are both delicious!

5.  Favorite Blog Post
Yeahhh, I don't really have one.  Maybe next year I'll have one :)

4.  Favorite Accomplishment
Being a finalist for Teacher of the Year :)  Oh, and of course, my perfect attendance from last school year.
3.  Favorite Picture
Hmm...I guess it would have to be Alshon Jeffrey and me!

2.  Favorite Memory
Going to the Steve Spurrier Ladies Clinic at USC.  We got to go in the locker room, meet the coaches, meet the players, and even run out to 2001!

1.  Goal for 2012
See my resolutions above!
I'm linking up here,  here and here!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!  Tomorrow is the last day!



Amber Polk said...

Your resolutions sounds a lot like mine! :)

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Hadar said...

Perfect attendance!?! That is a huge accomplishment! I don't think that will EVER happen to me! haha... Thanks for linking up! I'm a new follower :)


Kristin said...

Your pictures are making me super hungry and I think I want chips and salsa now.
And we can have the same answers - I'm cool with that!!!
Thank you for linking up!!!!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Heather's Heart said...

I want some chips and salsa now too! I have had perfect attendance before too!

I am your newest follower and would love for you to come check me out if you get a chance!

Heather's Heart

meghan said...

SO glad you liked your gifts! =)

Third Grade in the First State

Laura Starnes said...

Hi Bonnie,
New follower! I found you through the 11in11 link up. I made that peanut butter ball from Pinterest too! Delish! And starting my blog was a big thing that I tried this year too =)

Kinder Kraziness

Katie said...

I want to become more organized too. I am getting there, but it can always improve!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Tammy said...

Thanks for linking up! I am definitely organizationally challenged!I see your are a SC fan. Your Gamecocks will be facing my beloved Huskers in a few days! GO BIG RED! :-)

Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

Jill said...

I loooooove your necklace! SO pretty!!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Lori Faas said...

Pretty necklace! Lucky girl!

Ms. Preppy said...

Thanks for posting your pics! It's so fun seeing what everyone got and sent! Thanks for participating!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

Rebecca said...

What a great blog post! I love all the photos!! I'm a pile maker, too! I need to fix that! I'm your newest follower, too! Yeah!

Teaching First

Susan Case said...

I'm your newest follower from the K Expo linky. Hope you'll visit my blog. Love yours.

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