Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setting Up The Room Day ?

I guess technically I would be on day 7?  Who knows!  Today I actually felt pretty productive and I got LOTS of compliments on my room :)  I've never had what I would deem a cute, nice, organized classroom so I am really trying this year.  I thought I'd share some pictures of what I did today.

This is what I came up for my daily bins.  I'll put my copies in these expandable folders.  Each bin has two folders:  This Week & Next Week.

I don't have any bulletin boards in my room so I had to improvise and do this.  I'll be adding the word 'Wall', but I only had one capital W, and it would really bug me to have a lowercase W. 

I got my technology hooked up!  However, I can take zero credit for that, unless you give credit for stalking running down chatting up the media specialist and batting your eyes so she'll please please please set it up for you.  Oh, that doesn't count?  Didn't think so!  :)

My Birthday Cupcakes!  I am really pleased with how these turned out.  Again, I can take zero credit for this.  I got the templates from the lovely Mrs. Lemons over at Step Into 2nd Grade.  Can I just say I feel like I am losing my mind?  I s-w-e-a-r I pinned this so I could give credit when I put the picture up.  I couldn't find it in any of my pins!  Thank goodness for the search option on Pinterest!  Everyone that saw these loved them so kudos to Mrs. Lemons!  In looking at her beautiful display I realize mine would look decent cuter with the smile and squiggly eyes...add that to my list of to-do's for tomorrow.

I do not like the colors of the letters, but I felt I was pretty limited because I already had a lot of blue and I couldn't use my favorite color pink because there's no pink in the border!  Oh well, I'll just have to deal :)

Number line is up as is my saving grace in its new home.  I cannot stress how much this poster helped our class last year.  I am considering redoing it as we added in two new hand signals, but it may just have to work for now.

I also finished my jobs which was annoying, but I like it better now that they all share the same font.  I also met with my team today to discuss plans.  I feel like I've gotten so wrapped up in my room that I've forgotten about the teaching and prepping I need to do for next week!  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  I need to get to bed...PD tomorrow morning and then I'm heading into my room for the afternoon.  TGIF!

P.S.  The lighting in these pictures stink...sorry!


Ashley said...

Looks great!!!! You have been working really hard!

Jess said...

Looks so good! I think you could turn a "M" upside down and make a capital "W". I've done that in the past and it looks fine.
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