Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Setting Up the Room Day 5 & Currently I Am Linky

I went up to the school (again) and spent almost 8 hours there.  I am starting to feel like I live there!  I'm also starting to wonder how some people have their rooms set up in one day.  However, I just have to remind myself that I'm in a new room this year so I have a new set up and I really needed to weed through all of the supplies I had, since ya know, I didn't do that last year. 

My goal today was my classroom library.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I had to weed through my books and am bringing home about 3 1/2 boxes of books.  Here's what it looks like now:

The seating is not fabulous, but it will just have to do.

These are my posters from last year.  They probably will not stay where they are, and I may update them, but I thought I would share.  The # system worked phenomenally.  I could be working with a group of students and know what a child needed just based on the number of fingers they were holding up.  We eventually added a fist in the air for a tissue and an 'e' (sign language) for eraser.  This was without a doubt a lifesaver for me this past year!
Thought you would like an updated view of my desk plus the new storage rack.  This thing was a real pain to put together.  I was going to put it together yesterday, but the directions suggested a rubber mallet so I had to wait until I got our rubber mallet from home.  I really like it though, and think it will be the perfect place to store my teaching essentials.

Now onto the Linky.  I actually made this yesterday.  However, I changed it for todays.  Farley, over at Oh Boy 4th Grade is having a Currently I Am Linky party.  I just LOVE Linky parties!  Here's what I'm currently up to:

You know you want to join in the fun...head on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade
P.S. If you scroll to the bottom she has a blank one you can fill out...awesome!


oh' boy said...

THANKS for linking up!!! and your classroom library look great!!! and your windows are AWESOME!!!! I have a wall of windows but they look out on a sand (slash) dirt pit... when our school got a makeover the construction workers RUINED my BEE U TEE FULL green grass lawn and left me looking at a well disgusting DRY DIRT *BOO* insert over exaggerated sad face here and I am slightly OK VERY jealous of your view

Jill said...

Your library does look so nice!! Love it!! :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Ashley said...

Your classroom really looks great!!!!!

bnwalton said...

Thanks ladies! I guess I've never really thought too much about what a great view I have. This will be my first year in this classroom and I'm the only classroom that has a view of the front of the school, so I feel super nosey watching people come and go :)

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