Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MAP Data Analysis

Yesterday I went to a refresher training for the Voyager program I teach.  Last year I was unable to teach the Math part in small groups and I really hope to do that this year.  I'm thinking of having an hour and half block to teach the Voyager program.  During the hour and a half, the students would rotate to three stations:  Reading, Math, and Computer.  Both the reading and math have an online component so they would be using Ticket to Read or VMath Live on the computer.  However, I do not know when we'll be going to special area, lunch, and recess so the schedule I mapped out yesterday may not happen, but as a teacher, we all know we have to remain flexible! 

I thought I would share with you what I used to track my student's MAP data last year.  I just modified it so that it's up to date for this school year.  I left off a year so that it can be used year after year. 

Math MAP Analysis:  Click here to view this.
Reading MAP Analysis:  Click here to view this.

These are great for determining small group instruction.  I plan to use this to group my students for differentiated math group instruction on Fridays.  I will also look at where my students fall for Reading to determine mini lessons with guided reading.  I hope you find this helpful!

UPDATE:  I found a picture of one that I filled out for one of my students last year.  This one also has their MAP scores from the previous grade.  The ones I attached are cuter (I think!).  Hopefully this is helpful :) 

I am off to lay out for my last day of summer then I have big plans to paint my nails!  Whoo hoo...I am kind of excited about going back.  I know I'll be regretting this in a few months though.  I'm also loving that college football is around the corner!  On a totally random note, we just bought this (not exact brand) for my husband to wear to the games we go to.  I'd love to find a girls version.  I have a jersey (as you can see in my header), but Alshon Jeffrey signed it!  I went to Steve Spurrier's Ladies Clinic this year and he signed my jersey, so my hubby says I can no longer wear it!

Wow, this is sad how quickly I got off topic.  This just goes to show how spaztastic my brain is lately.  Yes, I totally believe in spaztastic being a real word.  I will continue to use it :)  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer or start to the school year.  See you soon!

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Mrs. Lochel said...

Enjoy your last day! I go back tomorrow too!

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