Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take a Peek at my Bag!

I had full intentions to post this yesterday, but we had major car drama.  Plus, I had to finish up my lesson plans for next week.  Abby (I say this like I personally know her and we go way back) over at The Inspired Apple (you know, one of the most amazing teaching blogs ever) is having a What's In Your Bag? Linky Party.  You know I love a good linky party so here goes!

Here's my wonderful 31 bag (so many of you also love 31 too)!  I like this because it's big and has 5 pockets on the outside plus two mesh pockets as well!

I brought these home to plan and I actually did!  A lot of times I bring things home and they stay right in the bag!

Some intervention folders, an extra gradebook, and some Voyager assessments I need to put in the computer.

My notebook for my grad classes, copies of the SORT test I have to administer, and interest inventory on the student I'm tutoring.

I don't carry a purse to work so I keep my phone, wallet, and keys in my bag as well.  I have 2 calenders (don't know why...I can barely keep up with one).  That animal book has been in there for about 3 weeks.  The EDM CD I brought home to load onto my home computer.

And now we get to the junk.  All of this came out of the pockets on the outside.  I've been carrying those yogurt coupons since April (yikes!).  I took the mouthwash to school last week because I woke up 30 minutes late and had to grab breakfast on my way to work.  I always have my mp3 player with me (sad:  no iPod here!) and I hook it up to my computer speakers at work.  Some pretty pens, tab dividers, lip stuff (love that Blistex), and my sunglasses wipes.  Oh, and 3 AAA batteries, because doesn't everyone carry that in their bag?!

Okay, sorry about the blurriness, but I took these yesterday and am too exhausted to do it again today.  This is the bottom of my bag.  We're continuing our junk/random stuff tour so maybe it's a good thing this is blurry!  My umbrella (always have it with me...ya never know!), a bag with a coozie in it, random receipts & papers (I can't even begin to decide if they should be saved), and hairspray.  Yes, that's right, hairspray.  On a cool morning a few weeks ago I had the windows down, jamming to my tunes when it occurred to me I never used hairspray.  Now for some of you, this is not a necessity.  If I don't glue this hair down, I've got a major 'fro on my hands.  I had to stop off at Wal-Mart, get the hairspray, and flatten it with a ruler when I got to work.  Classy I know :)

So, that's my bag!  I can't wait to see everyone elses!  Make sure you head over and link up! :)



Chrissy said...

I have the 31 lunch bag that matches your tote bag! SO cute! Check out my teacher bag!

Rebecca said...

Just stopped by to see what you had in your bag. I was really late to the party. Hope you can come by!

Happy Weekend!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Very cute bag! I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag

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