Sunday, September 18, 2011

Confessions Linky Party

So I really need to be going to bed.  I have a bazillion things I should be doing, but I just can't turn down a linky party.  Okay, I can, but this one promises to be quick.  On a random side note, I feel like I am starting almost every post with my need for sleep.  Ahh, such is the life of a teacher.

So Miss Megan over at Kindergarten Teacher Tales is hosting a linky party for confessions of the first few days/ weeks/ month of school.  Here's mine:

  1. I started with six.  On Monday, my class literally doubled.  I was expecting 5 new students and got a brand spanking new student as well.  I was prepared for the 5.  The extra one, not so much.  Stress level through the roof.
  2. I have yet to start guided reading.  Well, that's a lie.  We did guided reading for one week.  Then I got some five new friends who needed to be Dominie tested.  Does anyone else do Dominie testing at their school?  This leads me to my next confession...
  3. I love enjoy have to do Dominie testing, BUT I kinda sorta wanna pull my hair out when I sit a kid down to test them with what I know is the perfect book on their level and they tell me they've already read it and recount e-v-e-r-y last detail.  Oh, and the next book up?  Yeah, they've read that too.  Sigh...
  4. My kids have changed dismissal more than I've ever had dismissal changes in all of my many years (3) of teaching experience.  I would really like to make a cute dismissal sign, but I refuse to until we all know where we're going.  I think we're good, but I've had word that one of mine can't behave in the after-school program and could be kicked out.  I-yi-yi
  5. I was kinda nervous to find one student on my roster.  This student didn't have the best of years last year, and I would know because his 2nd grade class was right next to mine.  This year, no problems whatsoever (knock on wood) and he is as sweet as can be.  He is really a model student.  Love!
  6. I only have two girls.  The rest are boys.  Overall, my class is really sweet and eager to please.  I also love getting hugs and sweet notes from my students :)
  7. I have totally slacked on my diet.  I am going back into the full swing this week.  I started using My Fitness Pal ( this summer and I have loved it.  I've dropped about 8 pounds so far, but between school starting back up (both my job and grad school) and football get togethers (read: JUNK FOOD), I haven't been doing the best. 
So those are my confessions.  I'm sure as I'm about to fall asleep tonight I'll be like, "Oh man, I can't believe I forgot to put that!"  Oh well :)  I hope you head on over and link up as well.  I'd love to hear (see?) your confessions!  Have a great week everyone!



Emily said...

We don't use Dominie testing but we use Fountas & Pinnell and run into the SAME problem. The kids always pass levels b/c they are familiar re-reads. Drives me crazy. I wish they had some alternative books for the same level!

I only have 3 girls in an intervention class of 12....we might go crazy this year! :)

bnwalton said...

Wow Emily, sounds like we're in the same boat! I have an intervention class as well :)

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