Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lattice & Plants

2 days.

2 days.
I think I can, I think I can.

In all honesty, my kids have not really been to bad this week.  Except for one. 

I'm not really sure what else I can do for this kid.  I'm (and my associate teacher) running out of ideas. 

At one point a couple of weeks ago I had to freeze him out.  I tried to have a private conversation with him about his math (ie: he does nothing).  He proceeded to cross his arms, turn away from me, and humph and haw.  So I froze him out.  I totally ignored him for the next hour or so.  He tried to participate and I just didn't respond.  He seemed to get the hint because when they came back from special area he was a lot better. 

He just can't get along with others.  Any tips?  I use Class Dojo and this kid gets negative points pretty much every single day.

Anyways, onto some school stuff.

We've been working on seeds lately.  Last night we had a Science Fair.  We were supposed to do an endangered species project, but we just made a poster of what we'd done in class.  I will forwarn you, it is definitely kid made :) 

Okay never mind.  I thought I had a picture.  Trust me, you're not missing much.

Anyways, we experimented with if you could grow seeds without soil.  A lot of the kids said no.  Well, you can!

Our sunflower seeds never grew though (whomp whomp whomp).

Today our FOSS kit said we needed to compare the germinated seeds to what we started off with.  I've kind of realized I can move away from the FOSS kit and create my own things.  So instead of using their response sheet, I made this one. 

My Changing Seed

Here are some pics of them working hard today.  Some of them really take pride in their work!

My friend who doesn't really listen or follow directions?  Here's his page.  You'll notice lots of mistakes and erasures.

In Math, we're working on lattice multiplication.  I've been really impressed with their multi-digit by one-digit multiplication and a lot of them really like lattice.  I couldn't really find any blank lattice sheets this morning, so I made these up real quick.  I left them blank so I could use them as a master copy for them.  Today they solved 4 problems and my more advanced students could make their own up. 

Blank Lattice

I'm off to sadly clean out our freezer.  I went to take my lunch out this morning and realized the door hadn't been shut all the way.  Pretty sure everything in there is ruined.  Ugh!

Happy Thursday!! :)


Make Me Genius said...

hi have you checked for free science videos for kids

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Love the seeds! Sorry about your freezer! =(
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss Squirrels said...

I guess I am going to have to break down and get an iPhone. I want all of these apps...I need them

Going Nutty!

Adrienne said...

Great Blog! I am your newest follower!

Unless Teaching

Runmissnelsonsgotthecamera said...

Love your sweet blog. You've been tagged. Come to my blog to play.

Mary Bauer said...

I love how you are changing the FOSS kit for your students. Your worksheet looks great.
I have a student like yours who works very hard at avoiding work and is disruptive too. I find having a contract with two things I want him to do and then one thing he gets to do for 15 minutes helps. It's not a perfect solution, but he's doing more than he was.
It's so frustrating, I know.
Artistry of Education

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