Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stick a Fork in Me...I'm Done

Whew.  I can't believe it's essentially been 3 weeks since my last post.

I am done folks, D-O-N-E with grad school.

I took my last two classes during the last 3 weeks and I am 100% finished!

Our last day of school was Friday June 1.  Teachers came in on Monday June 4 for a workday.  I'll be totally doesn't count as work when the kids aren't there!  I was checked out and officially on summer break by 11:00.

Here's what I left my room looking like:

Those boxes on the tables are heeeeaaavvy.  SO heavy!

I was a liiiitle nervous because I found out during my check out meeting that my room would be used during the summer session so I went back and covered the cubbies with the green paper and taped my community supplies closed. 

Well, I had to go back to get something a couple of weeks ago and I found out one of the best teachers we have is in my room for summer clinic and she has the room set up so cute!  

If you're really noticeable, you can tell I switched rooms.  I mentioned it before, but my previous room was yellow, and this one is a pretty teal.  I am excited that my entire cabinet (at the front) is totally set up and organized.

On Friday, my kids helped SO much.  I think they thought I was kidding when I told them if they came on the half days they'd be put to work.  No joking here.

Have you seen the new blog Endless Pinabilities?  

Such a good idea!  Plus I'm a contributor, which is crazy considering I've been slack updating this blog!

One other thing on my totally random post, I have started to tackle my summer bucket list.  I started organizing my flash drive the other night.  Here's what it looks like so far (I'm not done yet):

So, I am slowly but surely accomplishing some things.  How's your summer going so far?  Have you accomplished a lot?



Miss T said...

Lol Bonnie :) The wonderful thing about EP is you can post whenever! Glad you are a contributor ;)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher
Endless Pinabilitites!

Mrs. Alaniz said...

I just awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award”, stop by my blog to accept it!
Totally Terrific in Texas

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Congrats on graduating!!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

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